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More money will be raised for Cancer Research by staff at The Vale Housing Association who are taking part in a national Big Breakfast. On Friday 1st March, Association staff will start the day by tucking into a great tasting breakfast. By making a contribution to charity, they will be offered a choice of breakfasts ranging from a light Continental to a full English feast. The aim of the day is to raise money for charity and show that healthy eating can be fun eating.

Steve Russell, Director of Finance and Administration for The Vale Housing Association, explains: “Last year’s event was a great success but we’re hoping that this year’s breakfast will be even bigger and better. Staff are looking forward to the day as it gives them a chance to enjoy good food whilst raising money for a worthwhile charity.

The Vale Housing Association’s Big Breakfast is also receiving support from people living and working in the locality. A local farmer is kindly donating eggs for use at the Hanney Office and builders working on the construction site adjacent to the Abingdon Office are looking forward to a healthy breakfast to start their day.

Visitors to the Wantage Day Centre have enjoyed looking at a range of Oxfordshire’s buildings, thanks to a selection of paintings by Fredrick Alder who has proved that it is never too late to start a new hobby. Mr Alder, a tenant of The Vale Housing Association and a regular visitor to the Wantage Day Centre, was born in 1913 but picked up a paintbrush for the first time last year. Since then, he has created over a dozen paintings taken from photographs of local buildings. Detailed info here: Perth Property Valuers

The subject of his first painting was a photograph of East Hendred Post Office, which was displayed in The Vale Housing Association’s annual calendar. Mr Alder explained that having worked in the building trade for over 18 years he particularly enjoys painting buildings and that the calendars are a good source of photographs for his work. Emily Griffith, Communications and Research Manager for The Vale Housing Association comments: “We were obviously very pleased when we learnt about Mr Alder’s creative use of our calendars. A lot of hard work goes in to their production and it’s nice to know that they have more than one use.”

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Property Appraisal

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The consequence of failing to allow a house to breathe is that many ill-ventilated or poorly heated homes develop micro-climates of their own: bedrooms, for example, are notoriously susceptible to dampness and black mould because they often sit at lower temperatures than other parts of the house.

Now, it is quite acceptable for bedrooms to be at a lower temperature than the sitting room, but that does not mean there should be no heating on at all, or that the windows and doors should be tightly closed.

In bedrooms, particularly, it’s a good idea to keep furniture away from the wall; at any rate, by keeping the bed 20mm from the wall, air can circulate behind.

Modern houses are provided with trickle vents, but these are usually too small to permit an adequate flow of air, and are frequently closed up by the occupants of the house because they ‘whistle in the wind’. To be blunt about it, houses like these could resolve their damp and condensation problems at a stroke: by heaving a brick through the window and letting in some fresh air.

Given that the current levels of economic activity within the Capital show few signs of slowing, there seems little doubt that, in the longer term, prospects for Edinburgh’s commercial property market are decidedly bright. Getting pervasive Real Estate Valuation Sydney is about the property itself and in addition about its zone.

That sector has been particularly buoyant of late through a spate of acquisitions and mergers such as Halifax and Bank of Scotland combining to form HBOS.

Indeed, three years ago Standard Life was solely responsible for nearly a third of all take up of office space in Edinburgh. Until nine months or so ago demand for office accommodation in Edinburgh seemed insatiable.

The average annual take-up level of office space over the last few years – in excess of one million .  And several new out of town schemes that can at last start to provide some meaningful competition to Edinburgh Park, which has occupied a somewhat solus position over the last three to five years or so.

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Exact value of the house with legal residential valuation report

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The financial market has, of course, changed beyond recognition as building societies have been swallowed up by banks or vice versa which, in turn, has driven institutions to reduce their costs. In the main this has been achieved by redundancies and the closing of branches, whilst at the same time, placing greater reliance on introductions from estate agents, solicitors, mortgage brokers etc. Litigation has been the driver of many of these changes and it is no exaggeration to say that in the 1960’s and ‘70’s a legal claim was a major issue which would dominate partners meetings for lengthy periods of time.

 If the air is of low humidity, and therefore too dry, we notice it when we breathe and tend to get dry, itchy eyes.

Nowadays however, complaints encouraged by a higher degree of consumerism are more commonplace and there seems to be an expectancy of perfection but a reluctance to pay the going rate for high professional standards.If you were to sit in a room for 24 hours, the simple act of breathing would produce, on average, around half a litre of water. And it should be clear that a very great deal of moisture is generated within all of our houses with the average family producing up to 10 litres of water in a day.

The key thing, as much for today’s young professionals, as well as those of us at the other end of our career, is to remember that absolutely nothing is certain, except that change, sometimes of the most unexpected kind, is inevitable.

If, on the other hand the level of humidity is too high, condensation conditions can be produced which, over time, may rot the very fabric of the property. Early signs are a smell of dampness and the tendency of spores of bacteria in the air germinating to create unsightly black moulds on walls.

if you want a healthy house, marry a nurse: she’ll turn up the heating and open windows.  It is mutually agreed by many professionals that it is a complete justice to use three different Administrators to Regard your Property. As an old professor of mine used to tell his students in the days before political correctness was de rigeur:

At this temperature there is a degree of heat transfer which warms the inner building structure which will fend off the potential for condensation to develop. Equally important however, is the induction and circulation of fresh air in the property: stale, moisture and bug-laden air should be expelled and fresh air induced.

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Six manner of the real estate valuation process

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Whilst Stirling’s modern housing estates are achieving good prices, they are not currently reaching the same premiums as those enjoyed by the town’s Victorian villas and town centre flats.

 Such cyclical changes in fashion, combined with the prevailing economic climate and Stirling’s location at the nexus of Scotland transport infrastructure, should ensure that the town’s property market enjoys its present degree of buoyancy for the foreseeable future. I can distinctly remember, around 1965, one of my then colleagues, an experienced and respected chartered surveyor, expressing the view that the well-known Western Heritable 4-in-a-block properties in the Glasgow area would never achieve a sale price in excess of £1,000.

It is also to some degree symbolic of the vast changes which have taken place in the residential housing market in Central Scotland in the intervening years. The City of Glasgow, for example, was the largest housing landlord in Europe and while there was a minority of more aspiring people who opted to move to new peripheral private housing developments such as Bishopbriggs, Some relaxation in planning laws has permitted builders to develop vast tracts of land for owner occupation in the near certain expectation that they will sell every unit within a relatively short space of time.

Nowadays old warehouses, banks, office blocks, churches and even the venerable Co-operative Society.

It was a world away from 100% mortgages which, to my mind, have at least been a contributory factor to the re-possession of properties by lenders leading to a lot of personal misery. Property Valuation Associations are of most convincing basics for any affiliations. During the 1970’s, perhaps even into the early-1980’s a constrained financial market meant that from time to time there was a mortgage famine with each lending institution having only limited sums to lend each month.

These are often occupied by young single professional people, a breed which rarely existed in any great numbers 30 years ago, when it was conventional to marry earlier and move to a semi-detached or terraced house in the suburbs.

Today, the emphasis is on brownfield developments with major housing concentrations in areas such as Glasgow’s Merchant City, previously an absolute no go area for residential property.

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Buying A Villa In Cyprus – Have You Valued It

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 However, the past few years have seen the prices for such houses soaring beyond the budgets of most first time buyers who, unless they have some extra funds put aside to add to what they can secure from a mortgage lender, particularly if they are competing directly against investors seeking to buy the property to let.

 The danger is that, as more and more investors opt for the buy to let route, they create an over supply in the rented sector. Should there be a growth in student numbers, that could then soak up the additional supply, though if too many investors jump onto the rented accommodation bandwagon we could see many of these properties coming back onto the market at slightly lower prices than would be expected.

But there’s little doubt that the market for such rented accommodation in Stirling is further skewed by the presence of the thriving university campus on its doorstep. They should preferably be local persons having experience in this particular field. Our valuers would never hesitate to take that extra mile to find out the Right Value of Such Properties. They do not go by the rule book alone. Similar premiums over the asking price are being achieved in a quite different sector of the local housing market; that of the traditional Victorian villa.

At the moment, though, with first time buyers, local landlords and parents of students all chasing a limited number of town centre flats, it is not unusual for such properties to be pursued by half a dozen different parties so that they often go to closing dates and will sometimes sell for as high as 20% over the asking price.

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Few advices of the real estate valuers for property sellers

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Whilst a business rate assessment based purely on turnover might have worked for the 1995 revaluation, changes in the market have since rendered it inappropriate. The key change occurred in 1992/93 in the aftermath of banks left carrying the debt when a glut of licensed units went into liquidation. In some instances to such an extent that under no circumstances was the bottom line sufficient to even service the debt. It is probably fair to say that, in general, Assessor’s staff do not understand the background to this situation.

As this scheme is intended to be self-financing, those businesses with a rateable value in excess of £25,000 will be required to pay a supplementary rate in order to subsidise it. Consequently, since 1995, Scottish businesses have been paying around £115 million more than necessary each year – so that whilst the Executive has stated that it will not increase rates by any more than inflation, it has yet to address the matter of the extra £115 million which is still being raised annually.

Were Stirling to secure the city status it is presently pursuing at its second attempt, it would likely act as an added bonus to an already buoyant residential market in the town and its surrounding areas. The factors underlying this buoyancy are not too difficult to determine: Stirling’s central location at the heart of Scotland’s motorway network, together with its large railway station and those of its neighbouring towns, Bridge of Allan and Dunblane, make it an altogether attractive location for people prepared to commute to work in Glasgow, Edinburgh and elsewhere.

Two very distinct housing markets within Stirling, both enjoying buoyant markets for quite different reasons, are the traditional Victorian villas found within the prosperous Kings Park area of the town and the town centre flats, often located above shops, a significant proportion of which are rented out.

These two markets may well be situated at opposite ends of the property spectrum, but they are separated by little more than half a mile or so.

Whenever a town centre flat comes onto the market, it tends to be sought after by both young first time buyers.   As a Property Appraiser we are experts in evaluating land properties. The state offers three classes of licenses for this calling.

In addition to the pool of private investors who make their living from buying flats and renting them out, there are also a number of parents of students who opt to buy flats for the duration of their offspring’s term at university, The demand for one bedroom flats in Stirling has risen sharply since the mid 90s, when they were regarded as a less attractive prospect largely due to the fact that, for a relatively modest additional price, buyers could secure an ex local authority house with two or three bedrooms.

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